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Last time i updated was................... winter formal?

since then i:

- lived up my last semester of high school
- graduated with flying colors

i am now currently:
- OWNING summer.


party party party

im over it. =)
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Weeks late.

This is so Late.
but i have to say it.

First of all,
Merry Christmas everyone.
and happy new year!

07 is going to be great.
i can feel it =)

and second of all, Happy birthday to
my 81 year old grandma.
I love you with all my heart.
i am looking forward to more jeopardy
episodes with you and nice warm naps
on your super cozy bed =)

Also, Olivia has officially left the building.

Lets make this one good, people.
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Morning After

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Today was my birthday.
And just by today, i could tell that this
year is going to be GREAT.

I've realized how much i take for granted
so many things and people in my life.
Today was one day it really hit me that
i actually have people who DO care for me,
regardless how loner-status and shitty
Ive been feeling lately.

I wanna thank everyone who made
today awesome for me.
Especially my girlfriends Maria, Toni, Luz,
Selina, Melissa Baby and Cydney and even
you maddison. (p.s. its up on my wall already)

And to top it off, This is the first time
in 4 years ive got the chance to celebrate
my birthday with all my 6 siblings and my mom.

It was perfect.
Well, almost.

Till graduation, papa.
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Seriously, that was the tightest shit ever
no joke.
Best concert ive been to. ever.

HIGH LIGHTS because im too dang
excited to tell the whole thing::

- found 42 bucks on the floor
- 3 feet from the stage.
- And this guy gave us exclusive wristbands
to meet him after the show.
only like.. 50 people did.
including me!


We look so cute together.
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"Olivia, i came to this party to meet a pretty girl, and honestly...
youre gorgeous. I just thought you should know."
- Michael with a captial Sweetheart.
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Say hello to my litol fren&#39;

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You know what really sucks?

this year is supposed to be
the best year out of the 4.
and so far, its been the worst.

God, Help me.
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